Increase Business?

Instant Delivery of Groceries, panshop, fruits and veg, Fresh meat, medicines and more

The benefits for merchants

reach thousands of online shoppers instantly and mergeall your aggregators

Quick Setup

Sell online in 24 hrs

Easy inventory

Instant access to update products and pricing

Lighting fast delivery

30 mins approx

Fast Payments

weekly payments and daily payments

Low Cost

Flat fees that never change

Free Advertising

Free design and advertising

Market Intelligence

Total sales in your market

Customer Behavior

High orders customer and products

Customer support

Real time local support

Loyalty program

Points, Coupons and wallet

Own Branding

Own logo and colors and ads

No penalties or fines

No hidden penalties

Are you a Business Owner

we have different solutions to match
your business




Delivery as a Service


Digital Retail As a Service


Virtual Distributor