The service that will give your business an online presence without any overheads or investment. It will create a brand awareness and reach out to a larger diverse audience. Everyone is selling online so get your digital store on without any investment and risk.

Who is it for:

  • Local Retailer
  • Independent stores
  • New retail businesses
  • Home business
  • at home services


  • Get instant access to thousands of customers
  • Have a very easy platform to manage all of your online business
  • Control and predict your inventory and customers
  • Instant local and national delivery
  • Quick and Easy Payment processing
  • No hidden fees or hidden penalties

Platform features:

  • Local Retailer
  • Manage orders from all
  • Manage your business from anywhere
  • Control all orders in one place
  • Get Access to all your customers
  • Free video and High quality ads for your business
  • Free Marketing tool to thousands of customers
  • All in one accounting module
  • Weekly payments

Why DE:

  • Access to your consumers
  • Free ad content and videos
  • free Order and inventory management
  • See Market Trends including
  • Easy direct customer marketing
  • Lowest price and fixed price for years

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Delivery as a Service


Digital Retail As a Service


Virtual Distributor