What is Deliver ease?

The on-demand convenience delivery service app.

In English, please:

We deliver anything, anywhere, anytime - right to your door. Yes! even past midnight. Yes, Yes we deliver medicines too.

How much do we charge ?

The charges are based on distance travelled and time spent. Don’t worry its definitely worth your time and effort

How fast is Fast?

Well, as fast as fast can be.

What are your hours?




Lets get a few corporate terms in there:

We are an errands service provider. There are occasions when you are unable to do something due a number of reasons.
Deliveries provides a hassle free errands system that you can be assured that help is just a call or a tap away.
Bookings can be done through our mobile application.

This is too good to be true so please tell us again!?

Okay okay ! With deliver ease you can get any item delivered right to your door super fast, at any hour of the day or night.
Snacks, drinks, toiletries, household essentials and so much more – so the next time you run out of eggs, break your phone charger, or just
want some ice cream at 2AM, you don’t have to think twice to satisfy that craving. You can use our awesome app to order anything.

Dramatic goosebumps finish

Skip the trip to the store, ditch the heat and save yourself time and trouble. Whatever your need ... we deliver with Ease.