Partner Terms

This Services Agreement (“Agreement”) constitutes a legal agreement between an independent company in the business of providing transportation and logistics services (“Customer”) and Penumatsa Deliverease, a private limited company registered under the Companies Act, 2013, having its offices at Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 530003, (“Deliverease”).

Deliverease provides the Deliverease Services (as defined below) for the purpose of providing lead generation to transportation and logistics services providers. The Deliverease Services enables an authorized transportation and/or logistics provider to seek, receive and fulfil requests for item(s)/package(s) pick-up and drop, purchase of item(s) from outlets in the Territory or other person(s)/service provider(s), facilitate other logistic services, including transportation services from an authorized user of Deliverease’s mobile application.

Customer is authorized to provide transportation and logistics services in the state(s) and jurisdiction(s) in which it operates, and it desires to enter into this Agreement for the purpose of accessing and using the Deliverease Services to enhance its independent transportation and/or logistics business, as is applicable.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that Deliverease is a technology services provider that does not provide transportation or logistics or delivery services, function as a transportation/logistics carrier, nor operate as an agent for the delivery of good(s)/item(s) purchased, logistic(s) services and/or transportation of passengers.

In order to use the Deliverease Services, Customer must agree to the terms and conditions that are set-forth below. Upon Customer’s execution (electronic or otherwise) of this Agreement, Customer and Deliverease shall be bound by the terms and conditions set-forth herein.

1. Definitions
2. Use of the Deliverease Services