The service that will give your business an online presence without any overheads or investment. It will create a brand awareness and reach out to a larger diverse audience. Everyone is selling online so get your digital store on without any investment and risk.

Who is it for

What type of business's was this servie designer for?

Retailers who have online ordering websites

Business to business instant delivery

Multi-city multi state franchises

Existing metro ecomm players


What would your business gain from this service offering?

Logistics partner for all your needs

Best pricing and easy process

Track and access orders with ease

Catering orders and party orders

Our Party app integration

Schedule deliveries from anywhere

WE integrate to your systems - Phone, whatsapp, website orders

Platform Features

DeliverEase business app to place instant orders

Integration to your website for auto pricing of delivery fee

Anytime instant delivery to your customers or vendors

No investment and no risk

Track your deliveries

Hyper local and national delivery

Why DE

We have different solutions to match your business needs

Easy way to schedule deliveries

Low pricing

Contact free delivery method

Pay as you go and no contract or commitment

Pandemic Proof your business