One solution to match up with amazon and Flipkart – Ecommerce website, customer mobile apps, fulfillment app, complete management platform with international standards customer experience.

Who is it for

What type of business's was this servie designer for?

landmark retailers

Home run business

Multi location retailers

Ecommerce impacted business


What would your business gain from this service offering?

International standard customer experience

Best in business Brand recognition

Manage your own customers unlike competition

Complete business management system included

Multi channel sales like website, mobile app, and social media

Platform Features

Your own branded mobile app and website

Loyalty program

Detailed customer access

Free Marketing tool

Full payment and accounting system

Inventory and order management

Detailed analysis of your orders, customers, products and revenue

Advanced online business manager platform

Contact free Delivery locally and nationally available

Why DE

We have different solutions to match your business needs

Lowest price and fixed for years

Best Loyalty program

We delivery locally and nationally too.

Don’t let delivery apps control your discounts and margins

Own your own customer base with full access